May 17, 2021
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Original romantic piano solos with melodies you won't forget and harmonies so rich and unusual, you'll want to listen over and over again...
Welcome to my musical world...where appealing melodies and rich harmonies make music that will move your spirit!

Several types of music can be purchased here...

  • Everyone will find romantic solo piano pieces for listening or playing (downloadable audio and printed sheet music)
  • Organists will find imaginative pieces for church services and recitals, some hymn-based and some freely composed (printed sheet music)

"I sense a lifetime of experience and deeply-felt emotion in every one of these [piano and organ] pieces. Add to these qualtities the gifts of imagination and musical organization and architecture, form and content...and you have an exciting composer!"

Gerre Hancock
Organist and Master of the Choristers
St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, New York City